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 Friday, 04.27.2018   •  15:00 pm •  Tickets:  5,– €

The gold treasure on Skull Island.

 Magic Markus

Germany’s best magician for children is back in his hometown. As magical pirate, he fascinates old and young. He travelled over the seven seas to find captain Rotbarsch’s gold treasure. The treasure has to be somewhere on the island and luckily he has his treasure map with him. What is his rat Krätze doing again? And then he encounters a wild jungle animal.

Kids can’t stop from laughing and luckily the little assistant pirates help him search for the treasure. Whether he finds it or not, won’t be disclosed….

Friday, 27 Apr 2018, 15.00

Admission: 14:00 pm

Ticket price: 5,00 Euros

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