ABO150 Date: 02/16/2018

Tickets: 23,- € / 28,-€ / 32,- €

The Original from the Schmidt Theater in Hamburg

OH ALPENGLÜHN Szenebild 04 Foto Oliver Fantitsch1


A truly humorous musical treat can be expected by the audience when the two vocally strong comedians Carolin Fortenbacher and Nik Breidenbach make their way up the “Alm” (mountain). What is going to happen? When the diva and the country boy come closer together in a fresh mountain breeze and surrounded by alpenglow. Maybe a bit too close: the avalanche starts to descend and ends in a way other than expected. Completely different! And, if that weren’t funny and turbulent enough already, the two protagonists go on a musical mountain tour, funnier than you can imagine.

Ticket prices: 32,00 € / 28,00 € / 23,00 € incl. VVK-fee

Evening box office: plus 2,00 €

Admission: 18:30

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