Date: 11/17/2017 

Tickets: 27,60 € / for students 21,- €


Logo Floyd

 When Mark Gillespie, a well established Singer Songwriter from Manchester in the UK, was asked by guitarist Maurus Fischer to perform “a few Gigs” of Pink Floyd songs in December 2011, he had no Idea the "Kings Of Floyd" would soon become the most prolific Pink Floyd tribute act in Germany. News quickly spread of the quality of the musicians, and the band now plays around 50 Gigs a year with an increasingly elaborate Multimedia Show.
To avoid the sterility that comes with performing to a digital Time-Code, the Video & Lightshow is performed live, allowing the band to play far more organically than other Pink Floyd Shows.
The musicians really celebrate this freedom, and the audience is treated to an organic performance that is not afraid of being groovy when needed.
The sights and sounds of the Kings of Floyd will transport those lucky enough to have seen the original band live, and/or who spent many hours listening to the Albums, back into the past with many goosebumps guaranteed along the way. There’s no way of knowing how big this band will become, but one thing is for sure, you won’t see ticket prices like these for very long!


Show starts: 20:00 pm

Door opens: 19:00 pm